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Alligator Hunts Alligator Hunts
Our alligator hunts are all conducted in Calhoun County and surrounding counties. Alligators move out of the Guadalupe River bottom into various waterways and drainage ditches throughout the county. Alligator Hunts
Alligator Hunts Texas Parks and Wildlife issues hide tab permits for certain areas of waterways. We receive around 20 hide tag permits of which only five hunts will be sold in order to better guarantee seven foot or better alligators.
A seven foot alligator is capable of making a couple of pairs of boots, belts, wallets, or checkbook covers as well as larger items such as luggage, briefcases, or other various items. Alligator Hunts
Alligator Hunts Alligator meat has a unique taste and can be prepared in various ways.  We scout the alligators prior to your hunt, and lines are set the evening before.  Lines are checked in the morning either by land or boat, whichever it takes.  Gators are to be caught on a hook and line and disbursed by shotgun only.  We will handle paperwork on the alligators.
We can't guarantee an exact size,
but be prepared for the big one!
Alligator Hunts

For current pricing please call Cory at (361) 676-2679.

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