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Goose Hunts Goose Hunts
Our fields are located near four major roosts. The largest is a 3,000 acre U.S. F&W Freshwater wetland project, which is maintained year round and holds one of the largest concentrations of waterfowl along the Gulf Coast. Goose Hunts
Goose Hunts Snows are abundant all season into late February. Specks are more predominant earlier season and lesser Canada's later season. Fields are scouted in advance to find where the birds are actively feeding, which may either be rice and rye grass fields, grain fields, grass fields or plowed ground.
Once a field is located and a good flight path is established from a roost to the field, this is where we will set up the morning of your hunt. Our decoys consist of everything from full body to silhouettes and windsocks. Plus a few goose magnets to give it the best lifelike appearance.

Goose Hunts
Goose Hunts

Depending upon ground conditions we usually will lay in the spread using the traditional white ponchos, and if the birds aren't cooperating we are well known for taking the hunt to the birds.
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